DVD Shrink getting slower and slower



I am having a wierd problem with DVD Shrink because the more I use it the slower it becomes…I just got a laptop (2.8 gHz M processor, 512 DDR RAM)and when it was new (a few weeks ago) it could rip, encode, compress, and burn a 7 GIG dvd in 45 minutes. Now it takes over an hour and I have NOT changed any settings. Does anyone know why this is? I need help cause I am a dirty newb. THANKS,



One hour is not a super long period of time.

Perhaps your cache is not emptying as quick?

It is not uncommon for computers to get slower as they get older … your HD becomes fragmented, your drives become more full, etc. etc.


I think that you should regularly defrag your HD. Typically over time systems get slower if this is not done.
Try it and see.


I had a similar prob with the encoding speed crawling at around 700kbs. I then checked I had automatic image control - not set to sharp, super sharp etc and also made sure it ran in background mode. Make sure these are ticked cuz for some reason it slows the whole thing down.

Give it a shot. Mine usually takes over an hour for encoding and burning. DVD X Copy platinum is the fastest I have (1/2 hour total) but its a little unreliable for a perfect burn.


DVD X Crappy?