DVD Shrink freezes my system



I got a recent problem with DVD Shrink, every time i try to encode a movie, the system freezes totaly, rebooting the PC is the only way out :frowning: I also noticed that the system freezes the same way when i play a movie in windows media player, so i assumed that it can be something with video rendering, since the CPU temperature is in normal limits. Anyone familiar with this issue, which part should i re-install or remove?
Thank you forwardly :slight_smile:


Use decrypter first if you have a movie that does this! Also Remove and reinstall Shrink if it does it for all movies!
Get rid of all programs running in the back ground when you decrypt/shrink/install

Ex DLA/INCD/Spybot/Antivirus


I dont thinkt that antivirus and spybots will have any effect on shrink if this is a new system but if it is a old system i highly recommend u doing that cuz i have once experienced this kind of problem myself :iagree:


I just tried turning off the preview option and encoding finished successfully, so it has to be related with video rendering or playback. I havent had this situation before so it really annoys me now :a any possible way to fix it withot formating the drive?


Hope you have a good graphic card with accceleration … maybe you got broken graphics drivers so I suggest upgrading drivers first. Then check out the acceleration setting and pull it back a notch or two if it’s still bad (but you might have slower graphics performance). If you have a new graphic card make sure that if it needs an extra power strap, that the molex is seated firmly and also that the heatsink fan is running. Maybe you should also try uninstalling and reinstalling your codecs and updating them with an all in one codec pack.


the graphics card has little (if anything) to do with transcoding. dvd video is not rendered on-the-fly, and the only thing the graphics card has to do is actually display the video, so having a faster video card would do nothing to help. a single instance of the transcoding finishing successfully without freezing the computer isn’t really enough to jump to any conclusions. if you can reproduce the problem (ie: run several transcodes, both with and without preview on), then that’s something to go on.


Turning of the video preview is well documented in the offical DVD Shrink Forums. Sometimes changing the video renderer in the preferences helps. It is juts a little quirk of Shrink that affects some people.