DVD Shrink freeze my computer

Hi, recently my computer freeze totally in the middle of DVD shrinking. Had to press reset button to revive it and when it restarted, one of my writer disapeared (have a dvd writer and DvD/Cd writer). Sometimes it will come back when I restart it again. But sometime not, is it possible a loose cable, i checked that b4, but still the same. Anyone have this problem. Pls advise. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum. I would agree that it is a loose cable or possibly a bad power supply. Try a different molex power connection. I have seen a lot of this, especially with splitters.

Thanks for yr reply. If there is a loose cable, but why my computer freeze. The movie that I tried to shrink is actually movie that already decryped into my hard drive, not directly from my Dvd writter or DVD/Cd writer. Thanks

What happens is the drive just disappears and throws the whole system into hold. It has nothing to do with Shrink, any program accessing the burner would have the same problem.

Thank you very much for yr help. U are very helpful. Thanks

Sorry, still not sure abt something. If it is molex power connectors, why the writter can still open when I press the open button. Why is it that when my children was playing their Dora’s game on CD, and everything was alright.

Flakey connections often work “sort of”. In other words they are providing some power but not enough to provide for burning which needs higher power. Again, I am just guessing that your peoblem is power. I just finished a whole set of trouble of all different kinds, in one case the burn looked like it was going perfectly, but there was not enough power to actually kick in the laser. Swapping connections between different drives solved the problem.