DVD Shrink finally fails me

I’ll admit I don’t know much about what’s out there as far as options for backing up DVD movies. I have successfully used DVD Shrink for a long time now and not had to try anything else.

Well, I’ve finally found a disc that DVD Shrink won’t do (Sopranos Season 1).

Any recommendations for similar (free, easy to use, simple in design) software, that will be able to take care of this situation?


What do you mean DVD Shrink won’t do it? What happens, errors etc?

Yes, there was an error and it said something about copy protection being the cause.

If you don’t mind taking an extra step you could decrypt with DVD Fab Decrypter then use DVD Shrink


DVD Shrink is not being devoloped any more. So it cannot break the newer protections that we are seeing. That means you need to use a ripper which can handle it first.

It’s somewhat suprising you didn’t encounter this earlier. If you’re content with the results from DVD Shrink then, as everyone has said, all you need to do is use an updated decryption utility before using DVD Shrink. However, you might want to look into DVD Rebuilder, which produces better results quality-wise in the majority of cases.

Hello Mr. Horse
I have been using DVD Shrink and DVDFab since Shrink was no longer updated. I have never tried DVD Rebuilder. Does it decrypt and shrink? Also is it free?

HBO Video does not use any unusual protections, and should rip just fine with DVDDecryptor, then shrink with DVDShrink. This one may have some navigation error that’s messing things up. I’ve got tons of HBO videos much newer than that one that rip just fine.

DVD Rebuilder is not a ripper, there is a free version and the Pro version that is worth every penny.

For free ripping programs that are good and constantly updated try DVDFabDecrypter or RipIt4Me, which is a front end for DVDDecrypter and uses FixVTS to get a good rip to your HDD. After that you can use any of the free editors, PgcEdit, VobBlanker and then DVDShrink if it is still too big for a DVD5

Edit I forgot DVDRemake which also has a free and paid version