DVD Shrink files

Hi all.

Having some problems with the VOB files, i have backed up a few of my dvd’s and want to add them to WMC, but it won’t play them.

Also dvd shrink cuts the video up and you end up with about 7 files, what should i do about that?

Sorry if there basic questions but i’m used to working with avi’s.

Maybe there is a better backup program?


DVD Shrink is no longer updated, so it is great for shrinking unencrypted movies, but not much good for ripping from DVD these days. Use DVD Fab HD Decrypter (free part of DVD Fab) to rip your DVDs , then they should play fine assuming that WMC supports playback of DVD video.



To play a Video-TS folder with WMC .The best way is to create a folder named “DVD: in C:\ .Then point WMC to that folder with its’ settings.
If you only want a large single .vob with DVDShrink make this setting:
Edit/Preferences/ uncheck " Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks (recommended)”.