DVD shrink - extras that aren't extras?

I tried searching for this question, no luck. Anyway, here goes:

I know how to rip/burn movies. No problems there. My problem is this: When I find a movie in which I want to remove a specific scene, DVD shrink automatically decides that the smaller half of the movie is ‘extras.’ Considering I play my movies with DVD shrink, this becomes a pain in the ass. I have to get up, walk over to my computer, take the movie off full-screen, click the extras, then click play, go back to full-screen, walk back over to my couch, and sit down. It’s like watching a two-disc movie in a dvd player. It’s just a huge pain in the ass, and I’m assuming there’s some way to get around this issue. So— is there any way the USER can decide what is extras, and what is part of the movie? The current movie in question is Spider-Man 3. I removed the scene where Peter walks out of the suit-shop and dances around like a douche. After that, the remainder of the movie became ‘extras.’ Help!

[QUOTE=E5R0311;2301457]It’s just a huge pain in the ass, and I’m assuming there’s some way to get around this issue.[/QUOTE]
Of course there is, don’t use DVD Shrink for playback cause that’s it not what it’s programmed for! Why not use Media Player Classic or VLC or PowerDVD?

DVD Shrink estimates by size what main movie and extras are, there’s nothing you can do about it.

I think this can be done with DVDShrink Re-author mode.You would either need to keep the re-authored movie on your HDD or burn another disc.
So if your watching a commercial DVD disc with DVDShrink & just editing it when you watch then what I suggest wouldn’t work.
I also haven’t tested it so it might not work anyway.
So before I post a method :
How are you watching the movie ?

Actually, re-author turns each clip into a separate title. He’d have the same problem.

@olyteddy;That’s why I asked what he was doing.If the OP is opening a DVD disc & trying to play it with DVDShrink after editing without making a backup.Then it won’t do what he wants.
If he’s willing to do this it should.
Re-author clips in DVDShrink.Then do a backup.
Then load the VIDEO_TS folder from the backup & it would play as one movie.
He might need a few more details.