DVD Shrink errors at the end. HELP!



I hope someone can help because I dont know what to do next!!!

I have been using DVD Shrink & Nero Burning for a few months now. All has been going well until the disc started to burning and then I would receive a ‘Burning Error’ with a big list underneath. I tried everything that my ‘beginners’ knowledge knew including clean install’s of both programs. I then came across a ‘System Restore’ option in Windows XP. I thought I would try this on a previous date that I knew everything was working fine.

Well I did that and now it errors before it even gets to the end of Shrinking.

I have attached the error message. ‘burn error’ doc is the error message I got when the disc started to burn and ‘burn error 2’ doc is the message I am now getting at the end of shrinking. I hope I do this right because I am a new member to this forum.

Please help!!!

Thanks :bow:


I saw some sort of security protocol with the optical drive. Dunno if you’ve changed security settings or antivirus, firewall, etc… Shut down all other programs prior to to the transcode and burn sessions. Use ENDITALL to kill those programs running in the background.

Also try AnyDVD and CloneDVD. You can download at Slysoft.com.