Dvd Shrink error


I have been using Dvd Shrink for quite some time now to rip DVD movies. It has been working great for me until now. After I open a disk and press backup, Dvd Shrink exits without warning. No error messages are displayed so I do not know why it just suddenly closes itself. I started experiencing this error first in Dvd Shrink 3.1.7 (i think) and it still occurs in version 3.2. At first (in 3.1.7), this error only occurred when using the other account in my computer. However since installing version 3.2, the error is now being experienced in both the accounts my computer currently has.

I have tried re-installing Dvd Shrink but the problem still remains. I have also scanned my computer just in case a virus is causing this, but my computer is clean. I am stumped. I have done some searching on google to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as me but so far, it looks like I’m alone in this issue.

Just in case some of you are thinking it’s a hardware issue, I will detail my current system:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.67GHz
Memory: 512MB
Hard Drive: 80Gb
Dvd Burner: Pioneer DVR105 (FW1.33)

If you know what is causing me this problem, please help.

Thank you very much for your time.

When you load the movie files in (I assume pre-ripped to your HD ?), do you un-tick any audio tracks or subtitle’s ? Or do you just Shrink the whole lot as is ? Do you do click the Analyse button as well ?

What OS are you running? If you have XP, have you tried looking at the Application log in Event Viewer to see if it has any error messages - also try looking at the System log.

I sometimes load a movie from my HD and other times directly from my DVD drive (Pioneer DVR-A05). I also sometimes untick some of the audio tracks and subtitles. Other times, I just shrink the whole Dvd. I have also set DVD Shrink to analyse if the DVD movie is larger than a normal DVD5 capacity.

DVD shrink just exits when I press the back-up button no matter how I load the DVD movie and what I include in it.

I checked the Application and System log in the Event Viewer but I do not see anything concerning DVD shrink in there. I am totally stumped at why this error is occuring.

Had the same problem. As well with 3.0, 3.1 as with 3.2.
Shrink 2.3 doesn’t seem to quit so easily.
Only thing is, it can only shrink and not burn :wink:

Also you need to do some more handwork (give the level of compression)