I keep getting this error message coming up whenever i use DVD Shrink, “DVD Shrink 3 has caused an error in MSVCRT.DLL. DVD Shrink will now close”. Does anyone know what this means and how i can fix it?? Thanks

Which windows version do you use and which version of DVDShrink

I have Windows ME. I first got this error message using DVD Shrink 3.1.4, i thought it may have been a fault in my download so i unistalled it and tried to download the new version 3.1.5 which wouldnt download for some reason??, so i installed an older version DVD Shrink 3.1 off a disc that my friend has and i still get this error message. This is the first time i have tried to use DVD Shrink, its is not like it has just stopped working in the last few days because i may have changed something. Thank you.

I am accasionally getting the same message but the error is caused in QUARTZ.DLL. Thanks