DVD Shrink Error - Help please!



Hi Guys

I have used DVD Shrink for sometime now with no issues.

The process:

I use WinAVI to convert an avi/mpeg file into a dvd file. I then burn this file using DVD Shrink.

Lately on numerous files I have been getting the error message ‘Incorrect memory Parameters’.

Any ideas on why this is? How to fix it ect,

I have a 2g HP pavillion with about 40gig spare on my C drive.




The Banker wrote,

“Any ideas on why this is? How to fix it ect”

Sure ,use anything besides WinAvi like, FAVC,ConvertXtoDVD,DVDFlick etc…And Imgburn…
Just my 2cents,hope it helps!

But back on issue,how much memory is allocated for swap file?
Might look at this thread for errors and solutions using shrink/Nero…