DVD Shrink, DVDFab Free, DVDDecrypter output file size



Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere…but I used the above three programs on a DVD recently and found that DVD Shrink’s files were smaller by about a few hundred megabytes than the other two.

Can anyone explain this? Is this the stripping away of the copy protection?

I thought all three programs were supposed to have this functionality.

I DO NOT use compression.

Thanks in advance.


I think that DVDShrink has the option “Remove DDS sound” checked by default. Thus removing one of the sound sources that is rarely used and therefore giving a smaller size.
Not sure about the name of the option, but something like that. There is possible that more options are checked by default too.


DVDshink shinks the files so it easily fits on a single layer disc and will nearly always be the same size unless it is smaller or too large to compress