Dvd Shrink - Dvdfab Decrypter

Hi, Probably A Stupid Question? I’ve Just Downloaded Dvdfab Decrypter, Do I Still Have To Use Dvd Shrink To Shrink A Movie Before I Use Dvdfab Decrypter ? Thanks, Wendyd.

Hi wendyd
DVDFab Decrypter will not burn your backup to disc it just decrypts and copies to your HDD so using DVD Shrink before or after does not matter :cool:

Thanks For The Info Stormjumper , Much Appreciated , Wendyd :slight_smile:

If DVD Shrink can’t handle the protection, obviously you have to decrypt first. The Pro version of DVDFab can also shrink, but the freeware is only for decrypting (= removing the copy protection).

DVD Shrink can not handle the latest Sony Video protection so for this purpose you need either RipIt4Me which is free or AnyDVD, DVDFAB Premium which you have to purchase. But for all practical purposes RipIt4Me does the job as others do.

Thanks Everyone For Your Help, Got It All Figured Now. Cheers. :slight_smile: