DVD shrink dunled in time to complet!

Welll…when i first started using dvd shrink, it was great. but now it is slower than balls. i used to do a dvd in about hour doing everything, then all of a sudden, it started taking forever. It starts encoding at 2500kb/s then goes to 500. WHY. DMA and everything is enabled!!! i have already reformatted trying to fix it. i also tryed uninstalling the DMA drivers then rebooting to.

I have:
Aopen 1648/aap Pro
WD 120 GB ata 100
athlon 2600+
1 gig of ram

why is this taking forever???1…i have deep analysed clicked and default sharp/smoothness thing and run in low priority unchecked.

how many of u guys deep analys and do the smoothness thing


Use normal analysis. Could be a bad source media. Use the DVD to run a transfer read test. I would recommend CD/DVD Speedtest.