DVD Shrink DOesn't Shrink Image Enough to Fit on an SL Disc



I’m trying to make a back-up of The Mummy for everyday use on an SL disc so I can store my original away.

I used DVD Decrypter and am trying to use DVD Shrink.
DVD Shrink in AUTOMATIC mode reduces the size to 4,464MB.

In the past, I’ve selected CUSTOM for the MAIN Movie to increase the movie’s quality which correspondingly reduces the quality of the menus and extras.

With THE MUMMY, I’ve done the usual increase of quality to the main movie. The size is 4,464MB. The resultant image is too big for an SL disc. It should be 4,571,743KB in filemanager but it’s 4,601,something or other. I’ve recreated the shrunken image with decreasing quality on the movie while all other parts of the disc are set to AUTOMATIC. So, reducing the movie’s quality increases the quality of the other parts of the disc which somewhat cancels out what I’m attempting to accomplish. As I reduce the movie’s quality I notice the size goes back and forth from 4,464 and 4,463 many times. Sometimes 4,464 is repeated several times before it will actually drop to 4,463. I’ve gotten the resultant image as low as 4,600,something.

Note that this is occurring after I’ve cleaned the disc. Before cleaning, I was able to make a ripped image, shrink it to SL size and burn it to an SL disc. However there was a point where the disc crashed. I played the image and found that it also crashed. So, I cleaned the disc and made a new rip. When playing this new rip, it doesn’t crash. I just can’t get it to shrink to a size that will fit on an SL disc with DVD Shrink.

So far I’m stuck with trial and error attempts with DVD Shrink to see if I can eventually get an SL size burnable image.

I have other programs such as DVD Fab Decrypter. But I’ve found that DFD always creates an image that is smaller than images that DVD Shrink creates (ones that fit on SL) and correspondingly of less quality.


You’re fixating on such small differences in size…it won’t matter that much when using a transcoder like Shrink. Not enough to go through this rigamarole. Just use the Automatic mode if it is working.

If you are truly after the best possible quality while compressing a movie to fit a single layer dvdr, you should be using an encoder. Even doing a full movie backup on DVDRebuilder, and not fussing with any details like you are now, you will get a better quality copy using the HC encoder than you will going through all this using Shrink.

The free version of DVDRebuilder may not have enough fine control for you, but is a reasonable introduction to the program. The Pro version is not free, but has the type of detailed control on output that you seem to want.


Thanks, I haven’t trid DVDS with everything set to Automatic. The time it worked but produced an image that crashed, I adjusted the main movie for maximum quality. I’ll look into DVDRebuilder.


[quote=Parato Optimal;2120788]Thanks, I haven’t trid DVDS with everything set to Automatic. The time it worked but produced an image that crashed, I adjusted the main movie for maximum quality. I’ll look into DVDRebuilder.[/quote]DVD Rebuilder should work. But DVD Shrink would do a good job as well if you just did the movie with the audio track you’ll be using and cut out all the other crap. The Mummy is only 125 minutes long, which is no problem at all for DVD Shrink to compress.


In the distant past I’ve had a similar problem, where shrink wouldn’t quite compress the movie enough to fit on a single layer disc.

Using a double pass - shrink to the HDD then using that copy to shrink again to DVD worked OK.

In some caes there are non compressable files on the DVD, selecting main movie only, will get rid of those :wink: