DVD Shrink doen't want to know The Da Vinci Code ('unrecognised file structure')

Attempting to access the disc whether it’s the actual disc or a ripped version using Decrypter results in DVD Shrink telling me that it’s an ‘invalid DVD structure’.

So… Clone DVD will read it but it doesn’t have VBR like DVD Shrink, just a CBR. I tried copying it at 100% using Clone DVD then seeing what DVD Shrink would make of it. It will allow me to access it now but can only shrink it to 99%, leaving it still just under 6GB and being unable to go any smaller! Trying to manually compress it as opposed to auto compression does nothing either.

Help? :?

Are you sure that the movie was ripped correctly?

I suggest to run FixVTS on ripped files first and then use dvd shrink

Try using RipIt4Me as a front end for DVD Decrypter to do the ripping, then DVD Shrink should be able to process the movie.

I used the latest RipIt4Me to backup the Da Vinci Code DVD that I just purchased at the store, and after following the RipIt4Me wizard and running the FixVTS app on it, was able to open it up and process it in Shrink no problem.

I recommend going to the Download page of the RipIt4Me site and getting the INSTALLER version, which includes FixVTS and will install just fine over your DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink programs.


Good luck.

Thanks guys but the problem solved itself.

I decided to see how much it wanted to be reduced by after a reduction to 99%, so set it off to analyse then encode. But after the initial analysing, the screen popped back up and offered me the a full scale down to ~52% to firt perfectly on a DVD5. Obviously the manner in which the DVD files were prepared - the soundtrack only read as 7MB before the analysis too (it was in the hundreds after).

So a whipping over with Clone DVD at 100% at allowed Shrink to look at it, then going through the motions of a hard-disc file back up at more than DVD5 file size will allow it to be analysed properly.

Good to take note of for anyone else who runs up against this problem or for future DVDs like this.