Dvd Shrink/Decrypter

My Dvd shrink automatically uses Decryter to burn, how can I switch to Imgburn?

When you load your files to be burned & press the BACK UP button, in the target device tab (1st one), select “back up target” drop-down & change it to “iso” or “hard disk folder”, not “iso & burn using DVD Decrypter”.
Then, you start up IMGBurn & go from there.

There is a specific DVDShrink version that has ImgBUrn in the list instead of DVD Decrypter. I will see if I can find a link & post it.
I use it like you do chosenfew777 I don’t have the ImgBurn version installed .I do have it 's setup.exe in my downloads if I ever decide to use it.
This is the DVDShrink with ImgBurn version:

I didn’t know that. Thanx, Cholla. I’m using vers.…
On this one, you can also enable burning with Nero: EDIT>PREFERENCES>FILE I/O (tab) & check the ENABLE BURNING WITH NERO box under BURN SETTINGS.
I always like the ability to choose, since I may, from time to time, want to use another burn program or wait to burn it until later…