DVD Shrink - CSS Key

Can anyone help me … I have coiped a DVD to my HD and have come to back up an a mesage appears telling me that it has encountered a problem and I need a CSS Key. Have had no problems before. HELP :bow:

More details needed: What Shrink version do you use ? What title are you going to backup? Have you tried dvddecrypter or anydvd ?

It seems that shrink cannot “break” the css key. Sometimes I also have this problem with anydvd, but after deleting the css info for this title from the options menu and reloading the dvd, everything is fine…

Nevertheless, this should be moved to “Transcoding Software Forum”.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The version is Shrink 3.2 and i am trying to back up a childrens dvd. I haven’t tried the software u have mentioned. Are they freeware?
I also have Nero 6, will this do it do u know?

Many thanks

DVDDecrypter is freeware and a very good tool.
AnyDVD has got at trial version available.

After the the protection is removed, it doesn’t matter what software you use to burn it to dvd-r.

Can i get it on 2Cows.com? You mentioned going into the menu to get rid of the key. Sorry i am a bit thick… how do i do this?

Love u lots


I mentioned to get rid of the key within anydvd. I haven’t used DVDShrink for quite a while now. I don’t know where it stores its css key information.

Thanks Monty,will give it a try and let you know.:slight_smile: