DVD Shrink Crashing

Hey all. First off I wanted to say thanks for all the great info on the forum. It was very helpful in getting started on backing up all my DVD’s.

I decided to go the route of Ripit4me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS, and DVD Shrink. All was well once I downloaded each of them and got everything configured. I backed up the Indiana Jones trilogy with no problems what so ever. So, I was bit by the back-up bug once I thought I had it all figured out.

Now, I moved on to my 4th and 5th movies. I tried the exact same process that I had used on the I.J. trilogy and went to “Walk the Line” and eventually tired of DVD Shrink crashing so moved on to “We were Soldiers” thinking that Walk the Line was the issue. Still no luck. DVD Shrink is still crashing at the same part of the process.

Heres what Im doing and where the crash is… I use Ripit4me, then DVD decrypter, then FixVTS, Then once I’m in DVD Shrink I go to re-author and select only the main movie to copy to DVD. I hit back-up and DVD Shrink thinks on it awhile and just closes. Now when I did the I.J. movies at that part of the process it brought up a menu with 5 or 6 tabs for how you want to back it up and so on. This menu isnt even coming up now before DVD Shrink closes? With the first three movies I selected save as ISO and burn with DVD decrypter. It worked great and I am very happy with the copies for the most part. Any insight as to whats going on?

If it helps at all I’m using a LiteOn DVD RW SHW-160P6S and Imation DVD +RW’s. If I forgot any helpful info let me know and I’ll post it.


-EDIT- I just wanted to add I did uninstall DVD Shrink and downloaded a fresh copy and tried again. It failed at the same point.

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It is possible that you have a faulty installation of dvd shrink.

Have you tried to uninstall and install it again?

EDIT: you already answered :doh:

EDIT 2: Have you changed something in your computer after the Indiana Jones movies? I mean have you installed some softwares and/or hardware before you started to have problems?

There were no changes to my system at all. I copied Final Crusade Friday night and after it went so well I copied Raiders of the lost Ark and Temple of Doom Saturday morning. Then Saturday night I go to do Walk the Line and this all started. I tried multiple times with the 2 movies Sunday, with the original DVD Shrink, with no luck, and finally downloaded a new version of it last night and tried again but to no avail.

A new version? DVD Shrink is not more developed by years. Where did you download it?

You said you had trouble configuring everything.
Ripit4Me now has an installer that puts everything where it needs to be.
I would try uninstalling everything and start over. Make sure that you have the proper versions of DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter installed and then run the Ripit4Me installer.

I got the original copy from the thread titled “Absolute Best Way To Copy A DVD?” here:

After it quit working I tried from here:

and it was a bad download according to WinRar (“incomplete archive”) so I ended up downloading from here:


As I said before, it’s doing the same thing as the original working version that quit working. :slight_smile:

Is it possible that your Hard Drive is almost full or that you haven’t defraged it for a while?

By ‘new version’ I meant newer than the original one I had downloaded.

I guess the next step will be what wobble said. I’ll uninstall everything and try again from the beginning. We’ll see how it goes.

[crossed fingers]

Thanks for the help. :iagree:

-EDIT- Yes, I defrag often and have plenty of drive space.

As Womble suggested use RipIt4Me.

A flash guide on how to use RipIt4Me.


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If DVD Shrink crashes while doing an analysis the next time you try to analyze the same project it will check its hidden analysis files and use them and probably crash again.
You can find these files in a folder in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data. You will have to go into “Tools” at the top of the "C:\ page then click “Folder Options” then “View” and then check the “Show Hidden Files” box. This will allow you to see the “Application Data” folder.
You can then go into the DVD Shrink folder and delete all the “Analysis Results” files to get a fresh start. These files are not deleted when you uninstall DVD Shrink.

You could also use a registry cleaner.

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“We were Soldiers” should be old enough to use Shrink alone on.
You shouldn’t need any new copy protection removal program. You might want to try it that way. If it still crashes, I’d un-install RipIt4Me (you can always re-install it later) and then re-boot and try shrink again.

And what Wobble said about deleating the Analysis file might be wise, also.

A little update here. I uninstalled all the programs, re-downloaded, and re-installed all of them. As a test I tried to to back-up and burn Walk The Line and We Were Soldiers again before removing the Analysis files and DVD Shrink closed at the same point as the original installation. So, as wobble suggested, I deleted all the files in the Analysis folder and tried again. Works like a charm. :iagree:

Thanks for all the help and quick replies fellas! All of your help is much appreciated. :clap:

That’s great! Glad we could help. :wink:

I use AnyDVD with DVD Srink. Always the latest update and never have problens.