DVD Shrink & Copy /Duplicate DVD's



:a I have just got a $2500 Brand new IBM custom Build I think with win XP Pro Service Pak 2 and everything updated, I have Nero6Reloaded, DVD shrink & DVD decrypter, AMD Athlon 64 Bit Procceser 300+, 2.01Gh’z, 1.00 GB Ram and 200Gb Hardrive. NVIDIA nForce3 250 series, GIGABYTE Technology ver 3.0. DVD-CD/R/RW LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S
My Main Problem is Copying and DVD and Reading my old Back up CD’s The Drive Takes Forever to load and will not copy anyDVD full stop i have done the Back up proccess manny times but with my new computer i need help please dont HESITATE to reply directly to Mr TY.T. @@ rebelventures@westnet.com.au


So, are you using Shrink to copy a backup?

You don’t need to do that. Either use DVD Decrypter to do a ISO read/write or use Nero to do a straight DVD copy. Shrink is not needed.

Have you got DMA enabled?



As nwg said, i would check dma mode.
Do you’ve the latest firmware and what for media are you usin?
For your old backup cds, it depends on what for a media brand it is and are
they scratched. The drive could have some probs to read them.


I Know this is going to be a stupid Question but where do i check for DMA, TheDVD/CD R-RW is a dual Layer i am aware i dont need shrink, but when i use Decrypter or Nero the computer becomes non responsive


I normaly Use Shrink to Re-author DVD’s And then Burn with Nero but now its all different due to being updated with the latest software & Drivers. So im trying to find a solution to my problems, i have spent about 4 Days Solid going around And Around and im getting knowhere and probably need sleep to think correctly. I just Paid $200 To have the Ram and Sound Updated and Enlarged


Doing Upgrade FirmWare Not sure if this will help But the Drive is RPC2


Shrink occasionaly works Standalone, DVD Decrypter works is shrink dosent with some Errors bypassed once saved By DVD decrypter i use Shrink to re-Author Main Movie and all seems Well, I Have updated My Firmware and Crack/Flashed My DVD Drive aiming at a better future for my mind LOL…
Thankis For Your Hekp. PS now My Data And Back Up CD/DVD work well and Run Perfectly


Well done, good to hear this :slight_smile: