DVD Shrink Compression

Is it just my system, or does Shrink slow down big time when ripping after compression has been used?

If I dont need to compress, I can rip at about 13X

With compression, it slows to about 3X ripping. Or less


if you’re referring to slower ripping speeds when ripping from a recordable dvd when you say “after compression has been used”, all dvd-rom drives slow down when ripping recordable dvds.

Sorry, Let me be a little more specific.

When I rip a movie that needs no compression, I can rip it at about 13X speed. In other words, DVDSHrink (at 13x) to make the iso image and DVD Decrypter to burn.(at8x) Whole process takes about 20 minutes.

Scenario #2:

I use DVD Shrink to compress a movie so that it will fit on one disc. When I rip it to iso file it slows to about 2-3X speed. Then burn at 8X. This method takes about an hour due to the slow rip speed which takes about 35-40 minutes.

Thanks in advance!

Compression uses CPU time, (all of it), so speed is determined by your CPU. The speed of your drive is not a factor.

Ahhhhhhh I see. Guess its time to build myself a new comp.

Thanks much!

As you say, when you rip from a DVD wich needs no compresion you can rip very fast and when you rip a DVD that needs compression it ripis slow.

You are talking about single layer (DVD5) and Dual Layer (DVD9). Apart from that a DVD9 rips slowly than a DVD5 it has much more data to rip, so it take more time.

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Some DVD burners have a 2X read (ripping) speed limitation on video DVDs. This is however, is not your problem, or it would be true without regard as to whether or not compression is being done with shrink. As rdgrimes pointed out, this is a CPU raw processing power problem. Sorry to say that the solution is to “build yourself a new computer,” or to make do with less.