DVD Shrink combined with Nero

When i searched through a forum i noticed that this member alex thyl mentioned that in DVD Shrink in Preferences enable buring with Nero.
I was just wondering since i have DVD Shrink and Nero what happens after you get DVD Shrink to do its thing what happens with the burning with Nero because mine didnt seem to do that.
Please help?

I think it actually uses the Nero Api (Neroapi.dll), calling this to do the actual burning. If you don’t have Nero then you can’t use it.

“This member alex thyl” is here.
To answer you question a quotation from www.dvdshrink.org: “…DVD Shrink ( will also burn your backup DVD, if you have installed the latest version of Nero (6)…” If you have the software versions mentioned in the
quaotation then DVDShrink will burn (automatically) the transcoded content to a blank DVD.

I am using the most recent DVD Shrink and Nero that came with my burner. To be honest with you I don’t know what version it is, it just states OEM Suite. But mine does go through DVD Shrink and once that is done encoding mine starts burning automatically. However, it doens’t actually open Nero but it just states that it is burning at whatever speed, 4x or 8x. Should this be bringing up the actual Nero program? Should I go buy the newest version of Nero?

You won’t see Nero running when you burn with DVD Shrink. As I stated earlier it just loads a Nero module. This just acts as a subroutine to Shrink running in Shrinks own context. OK I didn’t quite say all that but that’s what I meant. If you’re happy with the results & don’t need that latest Nero features , stick with what you’ve got - alot of users do.

If you have “NERO” there is no need to go buy it again to upgrade. Just open up “Nero StartSmart” then left click “NERO” on the top left and that will tell you what programs to upgrade to after you hit " check now" on the bottom right. That is if I understand what nero program you have. Or go here http://www.nero.com/us/nero-up.php and do it manually.

I will go ahead and try to update it. It was the free version that came with my burner. If all else fails, it works for now so I won’t worry about it.

Thanks everybody and Alex you guys have been a real big help

You are welcome.