DVD Shrink can't find VIDEO_TS.VOB

I have had this happen with a few movies now where using AnyDVD rip to hard drive function and then trying to process with DVD Shrink the error, “Cannot find the file VIDEO_TS.VOB”.

The file is in the original DVD but not in the ripper folder after AnyDVD’s ripper gets done with it.

In the original DVD, there are 3 Video_TS files.

In the folder where the AnyDVD ripped files are, there are just 2.

Funny thing is, Recode 2 will process the files in the ripper folder fine without that VIDEO_TS.VOB file but DVD Shrink cannot.

Anyone else had this experience? What the hell is the VIDEO_TS.VOB file anyway and why does DVD Shrink need it and Recode doesn’t? And why is the AnyDVD ripper leaving it out?

The ripper will leave out uneccessary files (unreferenced, 0 bytes length). You can try to disable “remove unreferenced and blank cells” in the ripper.
Or copy the VIDEO_TS.VOB file manually.

In the original DVD, the VIDEO_TS.VOB is shown as 114 kb.

What is that file for exactly?

You’re right, I copied that single file over to the ripped folder and then DVD Shrink had no problems.

Wander why DVD Shrink needs it and Recode 2 doesn’t.

You get the error when you Open Files in Shrink? But when you copy the VIDEO_TS.VOB over, you will see Unreferenced Material/Title Menus 0.04MB. Correct? What’s the title of movie?

I’m surprised Recode2 would accept. What version is it? Is it part of Nero 6 or 7 package? I tried to simulate but cannot duplicate this: Shrink gives an error, but Recode2 does not.

The title is Hebbie Jeebies (terrible movie btw).

I’ve seen this happen before on the missing VIDEO_TS.VOB (after using AnyDVD’s rip to HDD function). On the others, Recode 2 would also process (it apparently didn’t need it) when DVD Shrink wouldn’t. Another movie that comes to mind that this happened is The Net 2.

The Recode 2 is the latest version in Nero 7.

But when you copy the VIDEO_TS.VOB over, you will see Unreferenced Material/Title Menus 0.04MB.

Actually I see Unreferenced material at .11 mb.

I just ripped it to HDD again, this time taking the check out of the “Remove unreferenced and blank cells” box and this time the VIDEO_TS.VOB was in the ripped folder.

I have Recode 2 (Nero 6). No wonder I can’t duplicate. Then the answer to your question is obvious: Recode 2 is more up-to-date than Shrink, that’s why it accepts.

I have no problem with The Net 2.0 using Shrink. Check your PM.

I am assuming you have ripped a movie and don’t want the menus. I f this is the case, simply use IFOEDIT to recreate the all IFO files (5 mins from start to finish) and DVDshrink will work fine thereafter if you prefer it over Recode.

Oilman, I don’t know what you were referring to. Yes I did rip movie only. All the ifo’s are already in the ripped folder. Don’t know why you said to use ifoEdit to create them. It was the VIDEO_TS.VOB that the ripper skipped.


Thanks for files. Your files confirm my suspicion as I have 2 other titles, Black Dawn and Memoirs of Geisha, with similar VIDEO_TS.IFO structure that DVDShrink can’t open if I remove VIDEO_TS.VOB (114KB). With this removed VOB, I fixed the VIDEO_TS.IFO, and now DVDShrink can open it. I also try FixVTS on the original (VIDEO_TS.VOB only, not the whole DVD) to see what it does, and DVDShrink can open it. I find FixVTS output is not completely clean as my method, and there is a very minor bug, which will be apparent when getting vts sectors on FixVTS output.

So regarding AnyDVD, with “Remove unreferenced and blank cells” checked, I assume it invokes AnyDVD Ripper (equivalent of FixVTS). Based on your AnyDVD files and from what you said, it’s correct that the VIDEO_TS.VOB is removed because of the unreferenced vobid, but the VIDEO_TS.IFO info is not updated compared to FixVTS output. As a result, DVD Shrink will give an error. So I would say there’s a minor bug in AnyDVD.

This should be very easy fix for SlySoft unless he already knew this and fixed it, then I have wasted my effort. Was going to leave technical details to him in PM but he disallows it. It’s understandable. Oh well, he knows what to do.

Well it would be nice if Slysoft fixes it for all the DVD Shrink users, even though they are under no obligation to do so since they don’t officially support it. I guess the question is, can they fix it without affecting CloneDVD2 since that is their supported software.

I have had more than 1 DVD movie have this missing VIDEO_TS.VOB issue after using the AnyDVD rip to hard drive function (making DVD Shrink not accept it). Taking the check out of the “Remove unreferenced and blank cells” box works for this issue but one has to know when to check it and when not to. Kinda defeats the purpose of it, if you have to guess which way to go (checked or unchecked) for each DVD movie.

I guess it’s really no big deal to copy that VIDEO_TS.VOB from the original DVD over to the ripped folder if it comes up missing. At least I know what to do if it happens again. That’s a lot easier than taking the check out and ripping the whole thing again.

Well, they did, didn’t they? “Disable removal of unreferenced and blank cells”.

No, it would not affect CloneDVD2 at all. The fact remains, based on your AnyDVD processed files, VIDEO_TS.IFO needs to be fixed if the option is checked.