DVD Shrink Burning Problem

Hello All,

I started having problems with nero vision auto-fit, so I read the threads here and found a way around my problem.
I used nero vision to encode my decrypted files and wrote them to my hard drive. I then used dvd shrink to make sure the files fit to a blank disc and burned them with dvd shrink - nero. My disc will not play on my dvd player. I have burned about 50 discs with nero and they all play in my dvd player. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong???:a


What are you starting with? You say you used Nero Vision to encode your [B]decrypted[/B] files? Are you decrypting dvds? If so, why are you using Nero Vision in the process?

I use dvd decrypter to decrypt dvds and create vob files, then use nero to create personal dvds. The fit-to-disc stopped working, so I started using dvd shrink to fit it to a disc and burn it with the nero plug-in. The disc goes through the burn process with no problems, but it won’t play in my dvd player.

Ah, perhaps you were using Nero Recode to shrink the dvds down to size?

In any case, test the dvds you are making before you burn to a disk. The output from Shrink should be on the hard drive. VLC media player can play them in either file form or ISO form, depending on which one you have decided to make in Shrink. www.videolan.org
Make certain they play before burning.

Next, test the burned dvds in the computer. Again, VLC is good for this.

If they play here in the computer, that means your stand alone dvd player is a bit picky about your current disks. Have you changed the type of disks you are using?

Tell us the type of disks, and what speed you are burning them. Sometimes slowing down the burn speed will give you a slightly better result…up to a point. Try 16x speed media at 8x.

The other possible problem that has just occurred to me is that you may not be removing all the protection from your dvds. DVDDecrypter hasn’t been updated in many years now, and is not effective on many newer disks. Try DVDFab HD Decrypter to decrypt and rip the dvds to the hard drive. It is the free section of DVDFab and will continue to work even after the trial for the main section expires. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm I’m not so sure this is the problem though, since Shrink normally won’t work well at all on dvds that still have bad structure.

I am currently using HP DVD+R 16x. I have used these discs with no problems for about a month. Since the fit-to-disc stopped working, I tried using dvdshrink. I burned my last disc at 4x and it seems to work on my pc with no problems, but when I put it in my player, it will not play.
I have made discs with the same episodes in the past with no problem. This problem started when I tried to use dvd shrink.

If using Nero Vision are you sure you still have it set on[B] DVD[/B] and not DVD-9?

It is still set on DVD when I am creating the compilation.
When I burn the DVD I am using DVD Shrink.