DVD shrink burning issues

I have used dvd shrink to reauthor some dvd files, however i can never burn a successful file with it…i used book-type dvd-rom and increase the high compatability option…it burns the book type/high-compatability and dies out…
what should i do?


I have never had a single issue with DVD Shrink.
But I rare burn within it.
I am saving into a folder and then I use Nero.
The ripping speed is…awesome. :smiley:

im using the latest nero burn engine too…i use the dvd-compatability 30mm extension and the dvd-book type…overkill?
anyway found a way around it cause i love ALCOHOL 120% does everything, oh yeah…
create and image with shrink and bang im done.
but why wont it burn i dont know…

I think if you have enable booktype inside Nero and Qsuite you don’t need to enable it inside anything else.

Do you both find NERO better to burn the ISO image of a dvd better than DVD Decrypter?

I use Nero if I want to verify the ISO image. Decrypter has a verify option, but it only tests readability and does not perform a bit for bit comparison. (at least last time I checked, maybe this has changed in newest version…) I never noticed a difference in burn quality.

I don’t create ISO’s of DVD’s.
I prefer to burn from TS_Folders.

I also always burn from TS_Folders and never create ISO’s. Never have any problems and have burnt hundreds of dvd’s.

hmm…when i burn from ts-folders i don’t seem to be successful in nero and shrink, thats why i use images, cause alcohol seems to slice through the discs…ugh…DAXZON AZ1s (dont get me started)…