DVD Shrink - burn settings and burn speed problem

Hi. I am running DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15. I have noticed what I think is odd behavior, but maybe I’m missing something obvious…

After a disc is finished being analyzed, the normal “Backup DVD” pop-up menu appears where I can choose “Target Device”, set the “Quality Settings”, etc. One of the tab menus is “Burn Settings” (see below):

In this example, does anyone know why the “burn speed” options are only:

  • [li]Maximum[*]2.4x

[/li]While other times, I get:

Keep in mind, DVD Shrink (and the Nero back-end) at this point have never scanned my drive to see what media it’s going to be ultimately recorded to. The only reason this is a problem is that I’m using Sony media 1x-4x (RICOHJPN) on a TEAC DV-W58E drive and when my only options are “Maximum” and “2.4x”, the drive writes at 8x and I keep getting coasters. I would rather just be able to manually choose 4x and get good quality burns.

I don’t understand why, it seems almost randomly, DVD Shrink sometimes gives me a full list of burns speeds (2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x) and other times just Maximum and 2.4x.

Any ideas?

Question, what speed does Nero info tool say for this disk

Put the blank disc in the drive n you should see all supported speeds.

I cannot put in a black disc yet as DVD Shrink still needs to read and encode the original. Right now, I only have one burner. The above menu (including the burn speed) appears after the first quick disc analysis but before the encode… Does that make sense?

Shrink uses Nero to do the burn and it is probably Nero that is deciding your burn speeds, That is why I asked you what Nero Info tool says for the speed of your blank Media. When you get a chance just put in a blank disk and check

I have a similar problem. Two computers set up the same, on one I can slow the burn speed below the rating on the disc, on the other I can’t. When I set the burn speed on the laptop it indicates that I can burn at 2x but once the disc is loaded it goes to a minimum of 4x. The desktop settings doesn’t change. This is using the same media. The burners are Sony 510A and a Sony 710UL. It is the 710 that will not slow down. I use Shrink/Nero.
If I use CloneDVD2 I can slow the burn to 2x on the 710. So I know the burner will do it it just won’t slow down in Shrink/Nero. Blank media is Prodisc 8x.


When selecting the target for your backup in DVD Shrink, select ISO image. After DVD Shrink has completed the backup, insert your blank disk. You can then use Nero to burn the ISO image at the correct speed because Nero will be updated with the burn speeds available for your blank media. If you happen to produce a coaster for whatever reason you still have the ISO image available on your hard drive to try again perhaps with other media. Also keep in mind that your burner should be kept up-to-date with the latest firmware so that the correct write strategy is used for your choice of media.



The question was, why can’t I slow down the burn speed on my laptop like I can on my desktop??? I use the same media in both.
I know you can only burn as fast as your burner is rated. I want to slow it down to 2x.
Firware is up to date.

I was addressing spooks, hence the @spooks in my reply. My only advice for you is to update Nero. If your drive works at 2x with CloneDVD then it should also work with Nero providing it’s up-to-date.

That’s just it all updated and I still can’t slow it down.

PS TigerZai, I was in a frenzy and didn’t see the @spooks.

The Sony DRX-710UL external drive supports 1x-16x writing for DVD+R and 1x-8x for DVD-R according to the user manual. You could try downloading and running Nero’s System Cleaner tools and re-installing the latest updated software. Nero may automatically be selecting the best write speed for that burner also. There’s a registry modification here that prevents Nero from dynamically calculating the drives burn speed and instead looks up speeds from a table in the drive’s firmware. Give that a try and see how it goes. Apart from that I can’t really help you more. Maybe ask a moderator to move the thread to the Optical Drives forum as the guys there have much more knowledge than I do in this area.



Thanks I will give it a try.

Check out my entry in the DVD Shrink forums FAQ on this topic.


Having read the deeper discussion thread at your linked page, did anyone over at digital digest ever try the Nero registry fix? Would be interesting to know if this resolved the speed selection problems.



Not me cause I hate bloatware :wink: