DVD Shrink - Broken Chapters?

I used DVD Shrink 3.2 to backup one of my video DVDs. I used No Compression for the Menus and Extras, and I used automatic compression to compress the main movie. The encoding completed successfully to an .ISO file. I then used VirtualDrive to convert the file to VirtualDrive’s native format. Finally, I opened the “virtual DVD” using CyberLink PowerDVD.

On the title screen, I can choose from four different chapters. The second two chapters don’t play their associated movies. I also get the same result when I try to view the DVD with Windows Media Player.

Next, I backed up another video DVD with four chapters on the title page. This time, all but the fourth chapter worked.

The DVDs are bran new, so I doubt that is the problem. Also, I can preview all four chapters in DVD Shrink before encoding. It seems that the chapter “pointers” are getting lost/erased.

Any ideas?


in edit|preferences|output files do you have logical mapping of enabled streams checked?
i read somewhere (i cant remember where) that if you remove audio or subtitles and have that option checked it can cause problems with menu buttons.

Possibly doom9 forum…

it was at digital digest. see post #6