DVD Shrink blows up my computer



I just built a new hign end system, New everything. Asus A7n8x-E, Xp3200 cpu, 512 ram, Xp, SP2, All updates, the works. Yet when I try to launch shrink (older version 3.1 or the new version 3.2) (I did blow the program away and reloaded the program several times) the system just reboots and tells me the system has just recovered from a serious error. Below is the event manager screen shot and of course microsort don’t know nada. This was not a BSOD, just a black screen and it rebooted itself.

I liked that program. HELP

ps: dvd decrypter seems to work as does all my other dvd software.

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HELP Thank You


I have the exact same M/B, CPU and O/S, I just have a little more ram. Every version of Shrink has run fine on my system with a hitch so not really sure what the conflict is on your system.


Yep what I don’t unserstand is why Decrypter works and Shrink blows up. What can Shrink be looking for that Decrypter does not? Everything else works fine to. My burning software, Dvdinfo, Kprobe etc. This thing dont wait a second. The moment I click the launch button BOOM :rolleyes:


Mate, tell us a bit more about your system - drives, ide setup, master/slave etc.


Asus A7N8X-E deluxe
Athalon XP 3200 cpu
512 3200 ram
Older ATI All in Wonder Readon video card
2 seagate ide drives in DMA 5 mode primary IDE channel
1 Plextor 712A as master on second IDE channel set to DMA 2
1 Plex writer as slave on IDE 2
1 SATA hard drive
450 W power supply


Mystry solved. Our friend ATI3D1AG.dll was trying to share space with shrink at the same time.


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