DVD Shrink as "free" DVD software player?

I asked previously why there weren’t any freeware software DVD players for download. I then noticed that you can play a DVD at fullscreen with DVD Shrink after the DVD has been analyzed. Is there a way to configure DVD Shrink to play a DVD without going though the analyzing stage?


There are free software players available that can play (protected) DVDs as well. A very good one is Media Player Classic. Plays almost everything, is fast and not bloated, and most importantly, free (open source).

Sourceforge.net Project Page

free software dvd player.

Yup, VLC media player is my recommendation as well. Playing DVDs is just one small portion of it’s many applications. I use it all of the time to play raw .bin files that I D/L before burning them to disc. It will also play your ISO files that you rip from disc to your HD. Comes in handy if you want to check your projects out before you burn them. :wink: