DVD Shrink - Applying Still Image/Picture Option

I’ve seen very little on how DVD Shrink 3.2 fans may be using the “Still Image” and/or “Still Pictures” reauthoring option. So far as I know there are no “Help” or “Tutorials” for this feature. As I understand it, a still image can be stored in a special Shrink file folder & then used in the compilation of a movie.

I’d really like to hear what for, & how, users might be taking advantage of this mysterious new feature. My main interest would be to use it to create a short custom made, (still) title clip that would be used at the beginning (or end) of a movie.

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One of the reasons I use it is if I want to back up an entire movie that doesn’t fit (without major compression) on the DVD. I then replace the ‘main movie’ with a still image that says “Insert Disc 2 for the main movie” (plus I crop the length). On disc 2, I reauthor it so only the main movie plays. Then the other disc has all the menus and extra features.

I also use it if I reauthor a dvd and just put the extra features right after the movie. Then I throw in a still image that says something like “extras and special features”

Hi Clarenceneedlemel, Thanks for replying. That’s a pretty clever application for the still image.

What software are you using to create the custom made still images? Once they’re made, do you just put them in the DVD Shrink folder in the “Still Images” file?

One last thing, how do you get the still image to last for several seconds. So far, mine only come on the screen for a quick glimpse.

Hi patriot1. It wasn’t my idea, but, I agree, it is a clever application. Since I don’t have any decent program on my pc with the dvd burner, I just use MS Paint. Pathetic, but it works. My still images are not fancy.

You don’t have to put the still images in any particular folder. When you select that option under Compression Settings in DVD Shrink, you can browse for your picture. I also just checked my other pc and saw that there was a link to the dvd shrink website for more pics.

The still image will last for however long your movie is. I made a mistake in my last post, I said you could edit the length of the still image but you can’t do this in “full disc” mode, only in “reauthor”.

Hi Clarenceneedlemei, Thanks for the reply.

I have some software that I use for photo editing which I’m also using to create the still images. It even allows one to use photos with text overlays.

Rephrasing my question - So how do you make the still image last for several seconds in re-author???

And another question. - Have you used still picture? What is it for??? It would sure be nice if there was a help or tutorial available for this.