Dvd shrink and the matrix




i am currently trying to back up my copy of the matrix and have come into some problems.

i have used dvd decrypter to decrypt the dvd onto my hdd and i wanted to use dvd shrink to edit what i wanted to keep from the origonal dvd. the problem is that when i go into re-author under the “main movie” title it has 5 movie titles named “title 1,6,13,14,15” and they all have the same movie length (2hr11min) and same file size (5198mb) but when i copy them over they come up with different sizes and total 24gb uncompressed.

so my question is which movie title do i need to copy as i am assuming that i dont need to have all 5 of them?

any help would be appreciated


The disc has seemless branching and uses shared titles. This is why you get 5 titles. Shared titles is quite common especially if the disc has seemless branching or multi angles.

If you just want the film just drag title 1 over. This usually works for all DVD’s with shared titles.


thanks for that… so by just copying the first title will i loose any content or quality from the origonal


You won’t lose content but it will lose quality if the movie is bigger than 4.38GB and needs compression.

I haven’t done Matrix for a while but I think it needed about 25-30% compression. That was the original R1.