DVD Shrink and the Grudge- need help

I know many people have posted about this topic before, but I haven’t been able to fix my problem yet…
I can’t seem to backup The Grudge. For dvds with this extra copy protection, I use DVD Decrypter and VobBlanker. Using these programs, I was able to backup The Forgotten, which people have said has the same protection as the Grudge. However, Decrypter isn’t working with the Grudge. It says redundancy failure, but the disk is new and flawless. I can play the movie on my computer.
Does anyone know if I can just use VobBlanker, and if so, how do I go about doing that without using Decrypter first?
Or maybe there is some free software I can download to backup the Grudge?
I use CloneDVD to burn, but I bought my computer from a friend and can’t upgrade to CloneDVD2 unfortunately. I don’t have the necessary number to do so.

You could try using VobBlanker. You need another program at the same time to get VobBlanker to read the DVD. I use DD43free or AnyDVD.

Run DVD43/AnyDVD and load VobBlanker. Load the DVD’s video_ts.ifo in the program and process everything to another directory. This will remove the protection. VobBlanker removes unreferenced material which the protection is.

I used this method before DVD Decrtypter could rip the discs. It should work with version

It DOES work with :wink:

Backed The Grudge up using Dvd-Shrink alone but if you’re having problems try the following method.
Use Anydvd (I used version running in background with VobBlanker version which is free software follow link:
http://www.free-codecs.com/VobBlanker_download.htm then run processed files thru Dvd Shrink and burn.
All Sony ARcoSS protected discs which include Layer Cake, Little Black Book,
Resident Evil 2 and The Forgotten have all backed up first time using this method. I use Lite-On 1633s x16 Dual Layer burner with Traxdata 8xDvd-r disks.

I burned a backup of the grudge earlier this week. I used anydvd running in the backround, and used dvdx platnum