Dvd shrink and Nero

Hi I am having problems with Dvd shrink v3.2. My problem is that EVERY movie i try to rip (even movies i’ve already ripped before with shrink) come up with the “error: copy protection” and then my dvd+rw drive freezes and i have to restart my computer to get my machine to recognize the drive again. Does anyone have any ideas? Im kinda figuring that its a Window Vista Update that did it but not positive. Also, using nero 8 in combo with shrink, it burn file out of order. but what i do now is rip to hard drive with dvd decrypter, compress with shrink and then burn with nero. Any ideas on that?

Try this,
Rip with DVDFab HD decrypter>Shrink> IMGburn, or if you must burn with Ner0…

DVDD and DVDShrink are outdated and no longer updated, so most likely the culprit is in the ripping…

Nero 8 does not work well with DVD Shrink.
[B]tOnee1’s[/B] advice is the way to go.