DVD Shrink & And nero

I suppose my problem is similar to another persons thread, so i apologize in advance if its a rehash…

I have nero burning rom 6 (i think) and dvd shrink 3.2… i burned dvds before with these two … but it was like a year and a half ago… is it me or has it gotten considerably more complicated? im so lost now.

Anyway, i only have one dvd drive so i have to burn to hd and then to a blank dvdrw.

if someone knows… or if its at all possible if someone could give me some simple instructions on how to accomplish this? this there another way? perhaps a simplier way?

thank you.

You dont need to do that. DVD shrink is so cool that it will buffer for you on the hard drive in the directory of your choice and then copy right to the DVD. All you have to do is select the directory and then away you go. It is pretty simple actually when you do it a couple of times.

From DVD shrink select full disk or re-author (what ever u want to do) and then backup. DVD Shrink will start decrypting to your hard drive and when it is done, it will ask for a blank DVD and start copying.

Just remember that you will have to check the directory that you use and clean it out once in a while.

Hope this helps!!!

DvdShrink is not a burning app, so a burning program like nero or imgburn for example is a must be.

okay dvdshrink is for making the filse smaller so you can fit more on the dvd. so right now you have nero which doesn’t burn .vob and the required files to actually make a real dvd. you need to rip it using some other program like DVDfab and then use a program like NFT to burn the files. its not hard