DVD Shrink and Nero



I heard that there are many compatibilty issues. What works with versions of Nero and DVD Shrink work together.


Last version of DVD Shrink (3.20) will work fine with Nero 7 (any version), and all but the latest version of Nero 6 ( is the one it won’t work with, I believe).


Yep…absolutely correctomundo!


LOL @ Stroppy :bigsmile:

Of course, you can use any version of Nero you like, if you choose to rip to ISO in Shrink, then burn image in Nero :wink:


Thanks, which nero should i get from this site?



Try and get the latest version you can that will work. Whether you choose a version or 6 or 7 is entirely your choice. :slight_smile:

I got it wrong, BTW - I think is the version that messes up with Shrink. So any version apart from that one. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I have another question. I am getting a NEC DVD Burner, it doesn’t come with any software so should i wait to install it when I get it or get it now and what do you think about NEC burnersand what do you think about these DVDs RiDATA 4.7GB 16X DVD+R 50 Pack Disc - OEM.


Unfortunately, NEC burners aren’t burners I know about - never had one. Plenty of others here do though, so hopefully they’ll offer an opinion.

As for the discs…some folk like RiDATA, but personally, I’m a bit wary of discs whose names/manufacturers start with “Ri-” (Ritek, RiDisc, RiDATA…). :wink:


Thanks, what do you think about DVDSanta? Is it a good program to convert video files and after it converts it is there anyway to not burn it with dvdsanta and use the files that it converted in nero?


You can always use DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn to burn with DVD Shrink as well, they are free.


Well, I use DVDFab to decrypt and DVDShrink and Nero to burn, it is the easiest. What are your opinions on NEC DVD Burners, RiDATA DVDs and DVDSanta?


Ridata/Ritek discs have a mixed reputation at best. Put simply to someone that is new to DVD burning, dvd media, etc. - absolutely avoid their -R media as their 8x -R media (Ritek G05 media code) has a ton of problems with burning well initially, only to deteriorate to unreadable in a matter of months. Their +R media is still decent overall and seems to have avoided the deterioration problems that plague their newer -R media. If you want further info or want to discuss it more, it would be best to go to the media forums here.

Regarding DVD Santa, I’ve used it once or twice and it seems decent, but I can’t really make much comment on it as it has been a long time since I’ve tried it. There are alot of different conversion programs out there though.