DVD Shrink and my D56a

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a Sony DW D56a. In DVD Shrink, the option for booktyping is greyed out but CHECKED so I can’t uncheck it. I can only burn DVD’s that are read in very new dvd players and dvd recorders. They cannot be read in original xbox or ps2 drives. I have used all different types of media - and + r’s. I have also changed firmware several times and stuck with Dell’s PDS7. Please help…

Then buy another drive. Nothing else will help in your case.

It is a laptop, I am not investing in another drive. What the hell is the point of that? Why would I buy this one in the first place?

If booktyping is “greyed out but CHECKED” your +R discs are being set to -ROM automatically and you’re already getting maximum compatibility. How are you checking the booktype of your burned DVD+R’s? I think you need to get better discs and check the burn quality as your problem doesn’t appear to be related to booktyping.

Well I give up why? Also why get angry,it’s not our fault that it can not be helped, Bitch at dell.

It is a no go for any changes I make. I am using -R’s for now to no avail. I just want a solution and I am willing to do quite a bit for it.

DVD-R cannot be bitset and when burnt not faster than 8x on good -R media most ps2s should be able to read/play them.

I know -R’s can’t be bitset, but I heard that if it is checked then it will guarantee a coaster.

You heard that where?

I have seen on many forums and guides that a -R that is booktyped will burn a coaster.

Not sure what prg. they used to do it. You would be beter off going back to those forums, as they Have the Knowledge and ability to help you.
Good luck