DVD Shrink and .iso files

A friend of mine and my brother both use DVD Shrink. When they’re backing up their DVDs they select ISO image but DVD Shrink splits all the files in different formats. On the other hand when I use DVD Shrink I can get one single iso file. Any particular reason why they’re not getting the iso file? I don’t remember changing any settings and I’ve compared our settings and they seem identical. Is anyone aware of this issue??

I’m not sure that this can solve the problem, but only NTFS partitions are able to contain a so big .iso file; maybe they have a FAT32 partition.

Sorry if not solve the problem, it’s only a hypotesis. :slight_smile:

Another try can be to uninstall and reinstall dvd shrink. Check accurately all options.

There are options of the output side for target device to select either hard disk folder , ISO images etc. Is this where the problem lies?
Are they getting IFo,BUP,VOB files etc or something else?

I’ll check and see if they’re FAT32.

They select ISO Images but they are getting VOP, 00I, etc, type files.

Maybe a corrupt installation? Try to remove and reinstall shrink


I think your fat32 suggestion was most likely correct. Can’t test as I’ve no fat32 drives , all NTFS.

Verify if this is really the problem and post results; other users on the forum may need this information :iagree:

I found an old drive , formatted as fat32 , & ran shrink to create an ISO image. On fat32 I got .I01, .I02 etc & an MDS file. The MDS file can be burned with DVD Decrypter etc. Can’t explain where the VOP file comes from though.
On NTFS I got an ISO image.

So probably is operative system that being unable to manage a so big file on a FAT partition convert it in another format that decrypter is able to read and burn correctly. This is a new learning for me.

Thanks TimC :bow:

And many thanks also to DVD Decrypter (too bad not more developing :sad: :sad: :sad: )

I get read errors once in a while with DVD Shrink. It has happened on two dvd’s that I have. I cant copy them. I wonder if I put them on the hard drive with dvd decrypter and then copy them with dvd shrink, will that work?
I know, just buy a newer burner that does dual layers. But I have all plextors and it get quite expensive replacing them all the time.

DVD shrink is no more developed, so can’t manage latest video protections.

The only way is try. Too bad also dvd decrypter is no more developed.

Many users on this forum suggest to use dvd shrink or also decrypter in association with latest version of anyDVD, that is able to bypass latest protections. Give a try.

DVD Decrypter was always better at handling read errors than Shrink was. I’m talking about normal read errors not those caused by protection systems.
Within Decrypter’s setup you can specify how many read errors per file are handled (settings->I/O) so set the values to at least 20 & give this app a try.
If the DVDs are recent then it may be a protection issue & Decrypter may well get around this otherwise AnyDVD is a good option.