Dvd shrink and Imgburn?

Ok I was wondering now that I downloaded the new shrink version that will work for Imgburn. My question is. Can you just start burning a disc right after you shrunk it? Once you click Backup!, and then select backup target ( ISO image file and burn with imgburn) then click ok. I mean everytime I go to do it. It starts to encoding it which takes up more time. It says it’s not encrypted so why does it do it? Is it making an ISO file so it can burn in decrypter, or imgburn? The main reason I wanted to try Imgburn was to burn right after I shrunk a movie. Well that’s what I thought it did anyways other than it’s updated. It still has to be encoded at the end. Now is this normal? I hope I made some sense here. Before Ripit4me I just ran shrink and then encoded and burned with decrypter. That route is much quicker, and less stuff to delete once your done. Ripit4me still rocks nothing against that. I’m just trying to shorten things.

I can barely understand you with all that bable so I’ll try to be direct. ImgBurn can only burn Images. In order to do so, you need to have a complete image and then burn it. You can’t use ImgBurn at the same time of the encoding process. In other words. You have to follow the steps: Rip, encode (if necessary), form an ISO image and then burn.

This will help and there is pictures included with the steps.


apples, babbles, about a thousand zapples. Thanks

Seriously though. I read through that entire thread thanks for the link. Ok easy as I can make this question. A simple Yes, or No. Can you rip a movie through decrypter and run it through shrink analysis, and then click backup go straight to the Imgburn without waiting for it to encode? I never had a problem burning with Imgburn. That’s no problem, and I just clicked off remove css protection like Cynthia recomended in shrink preferences. Still goes through the encoding process ( says non encrypted). Now i’m thinking it’s necassary. That’s all a simple yes or no. :slight_smile: I’m just trying to save time. I get shrink to open the matarial in imgburn AFTER it goes through the long encoding process.

Ok I’m gonna go out on a limb here. The only reason I use Shrink now is to make an ISO file to burn with ImgBurn. If that’s also your purpose, it only takes a few minutes (5-8) for Shrink to make an ISO file out of a DVD file, but only if the movie is small enough to fit in a DVD-5. In that case I select “No Compression” in Shrink and back it up to ISO. If the movie is larger than 4.3 (or 4.7 depending on how you count it), Shrink WILL ALWAYS have to encode it (trascode it to be correct) unless your target is DL media.

I hope that settles it.

Yep, Thanks alot. I didn’t know if I was doing it properlly. I guess I was all along. The title seems somewhat misleading to me is all. From my searches I found on other forums like “Burn automatically with Imgburn from DVDshrink”. So thanks for cleary that up for me.

Anything going through shrink will be proccessed.

I was thinking that seeing how everything I threw at it would do that even if it wasn’t encrypted. For some reason I couldn’t see why it had to to that though. Mine says encoding, and I was thinking it was going through some decrypter again when it didn’t need to be. It got me confused somewhat to say the least.

Encodeing and decrypting is 2 different things. :smiley:

Ok now I can rest. Thank you :slight_smile: The bright side is I did it right from the get go. :smiley:

Unless the bitrate of the source is low enough so that the movie will fit on a blank without compression. If this is the case Shrink will still say ‘encode’ but not touch the video.

Now that the latest version of ImgBurn can make ISO’s, I’ll be dumping Shrink soon since I have no use for it.

This version od DVD Shrink will allow you to burn with ImgBurn.