DVD Shrink and Forced Subtitles



Having backed up a lot of DVD’s using DVD Decrypter and IFO Editor to get movie only disk, I have found DVD Shrink to be a much simpler and user friendly way to achieve the same thing in Reauthor Mode. One thing I’ve always had problems with is subtitles, alot of disks would have 3 - 4 english subtitles tracks and IFO Edit had no way of showing what ones were what ie Director’s Commentary or Forced Subtitle tracks. DVD Shrink is excellent for this as it shows all this information.

After all this babbling my question is does DVD Shrink in Reauthor mode when I select Main Movie only with Forced Subtitle track selected write the new IFO file with the subtitle track as a forced track still or is it now just a selected subtitle track and I have to manually edit the IFO to change it to a Forced track again.

Hope this isn’t to confusing.

Cheers for any input.