DVD Shrink and FF/RW

The other day I made two backup DVD using DVD shrink and Nero with a TDK DVD burner (+RW, but I can’t remeber the model). The movies played OK on my three DVD players (a Sony stand alone, and X card and PowerDVD), but it would not fast forward ot rewind on any of the three players. Whenever I hit the fast forward or rewind buttons the movie would jump to the next (or previous) chapter(s). I was unable to rewind for a few seconds (if I missed a line or something) without going back to the begining of the chapter.

Has anyone else had this problems. Is it software related (I heard that Nero does not burn truly compliant DVD-Video discs). Is it hardware related (is the TDK +RW burner just crap?)

Any advice would be appreciated.

There was a bug in Shrink 2.2, which I think had some bearing on this. Were you using that version or the lates (2.3)?


I was using DVDshrink v 2.2. I did this test a few days before 2.3 came out. Unfortunatelly I returned the DVD burner to the store so I can not easily try this again. If there is a chance that it was the result of a bug in DVD shrink, then I might pick up another burner and try again. Is there any possiblity that Nero or the media (Memorex DVD+RW discs) had anything to do with it?

Who knows! :slight_smile:

I do strongly recommend though that you transcode to the hard drive and then test the files from there, using WinDVD, PowerDVD or whatever, before burning to disc. It will save you money in the long run and you will be able to eliminate media and burners from your investigations.