DVD Shrink and errors

When DVD Shrink is used to rip a DVD to the hard drive, it does not advise whether the rip is error free.

Does that mean that one can assume that it IS error free, or at least that errors have been fixed with the error correction coding?

Alternatively, is there some way of finding out how good the copy is before the DVD is burned and KProbe is used?

Just for the record…
I noticed that DVD Decryptor advises at the end of a rip whether it is error free. However I have ripped some badly damaged DVDs with it and it always says that the rip is error free. So I wonder if it really is.

Regards John

Simplest way to see if any rip or concersion is error free is to simply play it on your PC. Yep may take a while but hey, it works. I cant see how Shrink would add an errors to the final stream and if you use it in conjunction with DVD Decrypter, then there should NEVER be a problem. I’m yet to ever see one.

thanks, CM
re: Simplest way to see if any rip or concersion is error free is to simply play it on your PC

Am I right in suggesting that may not be strictly correct?
Let me explain…
Just because it plays OK, does not mean that it is error free. Remember that over 10% of every disc that you burn is used for redundant error correction data. Therefore the disc may well contain errors that are corrected at the C2 level by this error correction code. An error at playback time will only become apparent when both the original data AND the redundant error correction code is corrupted (and in the case of audio, also the rebuild approximation logic circuitry fails to do its job well enough.)


Arr… yes you are right, I supose I was answereing it more in the line if the file was currupted rather than not error free.