Dvd shrink and dvd fab problem

i am making backups for my new dvds from xmas.I always use dvd shrink. then for one of my dvds a message said invailed dvd navigation structure. i know that is because of that new copy right protection. what should i do. i normally use dvd decripter after dvd shrink. i read to use dvd fab first before i shrink it. then when i do that an error pops up and says information failed 4096. what should i do.

Are you using the latest version of DVDFab HD Decrypter? I did a little searching on the 4096 error and only found it on some older versions of DVDFab. There wasn’t much useful info there either.

Latest version is at the same site as always, http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

You can try RipIt4Me with this disk. The program is no longer being updated, but is still effective for the vast majority of dvds out there.

Or you could get the 21 day trial of AnyDVD.

Use DVDDecrypter to rip to the hard drive first. Then use DVDShrink.

It would be useful to know what movie are you trying to rip?