DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter

For maybe 3 months straight I’ve been able to use DVD decrypter to rip movies and DVD Shrink to burn the VTS files onto my Memorex dvd+r media with no problems (using the Nero 6 program). But within the past 2 weeks it’s been acting up on me. It still decrypts fine but once I get to the burning process it fails. DVD Shrink will encode it. After the encoding, I hear a loud sound in my DVD burner and DVD Shrink will stay stuck at 2% and then will tell me “Burn process failed”.

Before I would just take the main movie and it would work but not anymore. I didn’t have to do that before. I would be able to take the whole movie plus the menus.

I tried CloneDVD but I come up with the same result. Encodes but freezes at the start of the writing process.

Other programs I have installed: FixVTS, DVDFab Decrypt, RipIt4Me, AnyDVD, and CloneDVD…

Operating system: Windows XP Media Center…

Burner: TSST Corp TS-H552D…according to my PC, the driver is up-to-date

I have Nero 6.6.15…I think…I’m at work right now so I don’t know for sure. I also tried Nero 7 but it was the same result.

I’m a DVD burner rookie…prior to my friend teaching how to burn movies using Shrink and Decrypter, I knew nothing…so if anyone can help I would appreciate it…before I wipe out my whole PC!

So if i get it right, you have tried burning media with different programs and you always get the same error around 2%, and the problem is not related at all to encoding, just the burning process, right?

Please try to burn some media with Nero and post the log with the error message so that we can figure it out. I am afraid though that from the sound of it, it is very likely it is due to a hardware problem related to the burner.

Yeah most likely a media/burner prob…but try burning same job with IMGBurn instead,see what happens…

I dont know if this is what you need but search for Riodvd region free palyer