DVD Shrink alternative?

I’ve been happy with using DVDShrink yet when I am trying to make my own DVD I tend to end up having aprox 15 GB of VOB files and DVDShrink always tells me that there’s an error with #9.

Are there any alternatives to DVDShrink that you could reccommend ?

Thanks in advance.


It’s not free though :stuck_out_tongue: (depends where you look).

And you just use nero or record now Dx to setup the Video DVD to burn :wink:

I’ll look into it. Seem like I had it installed already :slight_smile:

However the UI of DVDShrink is heaps better thus I neglected DVD2one.



CloneDVD2 in combination with AnyDVD

Or Nero Recode, which is just about the same as DVD Shrink.

What is that ? Freeware aswell ?

It’s included with Nero so no it isnt free technically… :slight_smile:

But since you have a legally registered copy of nero :wink: that shouldn’t be a problem, and hence you can use it :wink:

Hehe… I never checked out the other NERO products. I only used the actual burning program. Been using my oldskool NERO from when I purchased my CD-R and got v.6.x when I got the DVD-R :slight_smile:

Nero Recode looks nice. I’ma try it out :slight_smile:

DVDXCopy Xpress

A Newbie question:

While AnyDVD is running in the background, do I use Nero Recode to copy a DVD in the conventional way?

If you could direct me to any available on-line guides on this subject, it would be appreciated.


Jay S

Consider using DVDDecrypter to make an ISO of the DVD and import the image in DVDShrink. That sometimes helps circumvent reading errors.

but u don’t u need to mount the image then??

these are my recommendation’s listed below, so yea
-Have anydvd running in the background…
-Rip it with dvd decrypter
-Use DVDShrink

if u had anydvd u cud juz then copy all the contents from the dvd disc to local drive, but i just prefer it with dvd decrypter :smiley:

and u probably wonderin why don’t u juz backup it up with dvdshrink instead of rippin it first…well it’s all about “tear and wear”…

and last thing, usin dvd decrypter to decrypt the new dvd’s might not work as u may or may not know, dvd decrypter has ceased update’s and therefore any new copy protection’s may not be handled properly with it, which is why i recommended anydvd

hope this helps