DVD Shrink Alternative?

Just curious if anyone has tried this piece of software? I, personally, have
not heard of it nor have tried it.

A4 DVD Shrinker

sorry, wrong post :frowning:

For 40.00 USD I’d buy CloneDVD2 over that due to reputation.

What’s wrong with regular old DVD Shrink?

Just don’t use it for ripping copy protected DVD’s. Other than that, it still does all the great things it always has.

Plus - it’s 100% free still.

And I think this is in the wrong section, isn’t it?

Throw the Ripit4Me package in with Shrink and save your money for Xmas presents or a couple of cases of beer, or soda, or bottled water, or buy DVDFab.

It’s all about the quality and ease of use folks. Anydvd & Clonedvd2. And no I dont get paid for this.

Bah - AnyDVD is freakin’ people out the last two versions.

Stick with freeware unless you are already a devoted AnyDVD fan. :slight_smile:

Whatever you use to RIP the DVD (be it DVDFab Decrypter, RipIt4Me or AnyDVD), there is no reason not to stick with the tried, true and tested DVD Shrink. With its Deep Analysis mode and the Quality Enhancements thing, you can get OUTSTANDING results.

Why pay for stuff if you don’t have to?

IMO Bah humbug you gets what you pay for. Merry xmas beardedKirklander.

Merry X Y and Zmas to you! :slight_smile:

It’s all good - options = Win!

That’s ultimately what I did, I bought DVDFab PLatinum, mainly for the time savings. Between having to use DVDFab decryptor, THEN DVDShrink and sometimes(depending on how much compression is needed), a deep analysis, THEN doing a 30 minute Lightscribe(I use graphics so it is painfully slow), it became very time consuming.

With DVDFab, it speeds up the process, quite a bit, from start to finish(minus the Lightscribing). The price paid, was worth the time savings(especially since DVDFab was $30 off the price).

The only thing I need to see about is how DVDFab handles compression, when it’s down in the 50%+ range, compared to using DVDShrink and it’s Deep analysis + enhancements.

You should be satisfied with your results with FAB with compression in the 50% range; I have done a few “full disc” mode with it just to check it out on a 42 inch set and they play and look good, well as good as good can be with my old eyes.

DVDFab Decrypter
DVD Shrink
Awesome FREE combination!!

Below are 2 posts between fengtao and James. I think we should respect each products section. There are sections for many products on CDFreaks, and those who want to ask questions on other products should have the courtesy to post on those forums or use search. I respect both companies and never post on other sections how a product is better than that one.

Dear Fengtao,

Please accept my apology, this was a mistake. I was just clicking on “Best DVD Copy Program?” in the “Latest Post” column in the “Copy DVD Movie” forum, I didn’t notice being dragged into DVDFab forum.


Hi James,

That’s no problem

In my options, both DVDFab and CloneDVD are great program. Now we together fight with the big guys, to crack the latest DVD movie protection, so based on “enemy’s enemy is my friend”, we should be friend, right?

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Agree with you. Additionally sometimes one of the programs of these two companies will do the job when the other does not know where the problem is until it can catch up. Then they might swap places.


Nothing beats it with the CCE encoder. I guarantee it.