Dvd shrink alternative



I was wondering, what’s the best program right now that can remove protections and shrink dvd’s at the same time directly from the disc?


Not sure if it removes copy protection. It’s going to be tough to find an “all-in-one” freeware program these days. DVD43free is the one that comes the closest. If you are talking about up to date decryption then you really only have two options: AnyDVD and DVDFab.


do they all remove protections and compress the dvd at the same time? I have an old computer with only 10 gigs (about 5 free gigs) so I can’t put a full dual-layer disc on my hard-disk
I’ve always used dvd-shrink but lately I’ve been having trouble copying new movies


You can run DVD43 or AnyDVD in the ‘background’ while you run the disc through DVD Shrink. I use DVD43 with DVD Shrink and it works fine, and it’s free.


Or you can use DVD Fab Decrypter (Freeware) to rip/decode it and then use Shrink as usual.


Under normal circumstances, yes, but he said he only has about 5GB of space available, so he has to work straight from the disc.


I cannot use dvd43 since I have win98 (yeah I know I need a new computer)
I’m gonna try fab then


can’t use fab either then :confused:


DVD43 lists XP and 2000 only, AnyDVD says 98, DVDFab Decrypter won’t work for you because you have to rip the DVD to you hard drive first, and you don’t have space for both the original and the compressed disc. If you had enough space for the original disc (which can be over 7GB oftentimes) and are desperate, you could rip the original to the HD, run it through DVD Shrink and have it output to a +/-RW (using packet writing such as Nero InCD), copy that back to the HD, then burn to a disc :stuck_out_tongue: . In other words, you either need to buy AnyDVD, buy a new computer, update to 2000 or XP, get a larger or a second hard drive. Most computers can use two Hard Drives, even if you found a small older HD of 10GB+, it’d be all you need. Something worth considering, you may be able to get a HD this big for free from someone upgrading or getting rid of an outdated computer.


If you don’t wish to spend much money, just invest in a standard pc for about 300 usd or eur.


That’s not surprising. The development of Dvd Shrink stopped months ago, while SlySoft’s AnyDVD is still processing all the latest copy-protection schematics.

To get enable backups of all you should install AnyDVD and DVD Shrink to your crappy computer. Enable AnyDVD, fire up DVD Shrink, perform some analysis and start shrinking. You will never require more than 4.8 Gigs free on your harddisk. It will however take several hours to make the backup.


a lot of times when using anydvd with dvd shrink the files need to be ripped first to avoid structural issues with shrink.

clonedvd with work with anydvd without ripping far more than dvd shrink will (but I’m still hesitant to say 100% of the time)


thanks everybody you’ve been very helpful! I’ll get anydvd


50 bucks usd, you could adda 40+ gig hdd to that pc with 98 on it just fine. I still run 98se, see my specs below with 2 80gig hdd’s installed the promary ide channel. would make your life much much easier this…:slight_smile:


That would be my suggestion, you can buy a nice HD for the price of the program, but whatever.

For example, CompUSA has a 200GB Seagate HD for $30 after rebate. Your computer would probably only use 120GB of it, but you can put it in your new computer when that time comes.


well I didn’t pay for it :disagree: but good suggestion


I’ll pretend you didn’t say that and that you’ll be editing your post in the next few moments… :stuck_out_tongue: