DVD shrink acting up

Hi, I’m relatively new to DVD burning, and i recently came across errors when i try to burn the 5th disk of stargate SG-1 season 8. I have done many other movies, as well as the other 4 disks in this set, with DVDshrink, and have not encountered any problems. But with this disk, i select it, and it tries to analyze, and at 27 percent, it just stops and will keep processing, but will never advance the percentage complete. When i cancel, i get the message “DVD shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. failed to read drive G:. copy protection error. The read failed because the sector is encrypted.” Then i tried using DVD decrypter to get the files, and that always stops at 24% and will just keep retrying. DVD decrypter says that the copy protection on the disk is CSS/CPPM if that means anything to anybody. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do? use a different program? does anyone recommend? any more info you need to diagnose the problem, i will be happy to give.

I backed up my box set of Stargate Sg-1 without a problem (Region 1 import), it’s strange that you can back up the other disc in the season but only have problems with disc 5… Are there any scratches on the disc? Try using AnyDVD in conjunction with DVDShrink, or DVDFab Decrypter.

my disc is region 4 and i used dvd decrypter to rip the disc to my harddrive without any problems. i am using version

MGM(Universal) box sets, agh. I think I tried to back up my stargate SG-1 sets 3 times over last few years and they all have issues. Hopefully Blueray/HD versions are better quality.