DVD Shrink 3.5 Problem

Invalid DVD Navigation Structure. What does that mean? Do i need differant Ripper?


Corrupt original rip perhaps?

You may want to try a different ripper, like DVDFab Decrypter, which is free, and the RipIt4Me/FixVTS/DVD Decrypter combo, which is also free.

DVDFab Decrypter: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/DVDFab_Decrypter.htm

RipIt4Me: http://www.ripit4me.org/download.html

I recommend downloading the installer version, which makes it easier. It assumes you have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter (not DVDFab Decrypter, but the original DVD Decrypter) already installed, and it adds stuff so that it can handle the latest protections.

Good luck.

Don’t you have to Shrink it first so it will fit on the Disc?

Invalid DVD Navigation Structure means that DvD Shrink can not handle the protection, this is because DvD shrink is no longer updated. But if you use a frontend tool like AnyDvD or RipIt4Me you should be fine. If you choose to use RipIt4Me,

Here is a link to a animated tutorial, wait for it to load. There will be four guides, Click on the green arrow to advance through the guide

Wizard mode
1-Click mode
Movie only mode
Iso mode


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First thing to do is rip the movie to disk with the RipIt4Me app, or whatever app you choose.

DVD Shrink is used afterwards, to fit a dual layer movie onto a single layer disk, and also allows you to trim out the menus, extras, etc.

Here is a pretty good DVD Shrink tutorial from Mr Bass:

Good luck. :slight_smile: