Dvd Shrink 3.2

Hi, I just was trying to decrypt and backup a dvd to burn in the future using dvd shrink, when in the analysis process, it got to be 96% complete then suddenly I got this error message. Failed to read file “d:” Copy Protection error- cannot read file because the sector is encrypted"

Can anyone help me with this problem, I thought dvd shrink decrypts too!, is there any solution?


Yes it does but hasn’t been updated for some time and may be unable to handle this particular DVD. Use dvdfab decrypter to rip the files to your hard drive then use shrink to make the film fit onto a single layer dvd.
DVDFAB decrypter is available free on the net just google for it.

I just tried to rip the dvd using DvdFab but I am getting an “Error reading file” message in the process, could this be a problem with the dvd I am trying to burn? it has a alot of scractches on it but players well in my dvd player.


Yep sure sounds like it, you can try removing the scratches with toothpaste or brasso

Wow you can remove scratches with toothpaste!, okay I will try that, thanks for you help

I was able to rip the dvd to my hard drive using dvd fab. Is it possible that I can just go right ahead and burn the dvd in imgburn? the dvd is already small enough to fit on a single layer disc. I just need to know how I would go about burning it into imgburn, because when I tried it I got this message “Could not find video_ts file”

sc1stewart ;I sure you can find more complete instructions here & at the IMGBurn site.But you can use it .Here’s the very basic way’

  1. Select build. build an .iso with the files on the HD
  2. Select write .Write the .iso to dvd disc.

[QUOTE=sc1stewart;2023230] “Could not find video_ts file”[/QUOTE]
Do you have a VIDEO_TS folder in the files dvdfab ripped to your HD?

Yes I do have a video_ts folder on my hard drive, but when I try to burn in imgburn, i get the error. “Fix vts sectors failed, Could not find video_ts.ifo File” I don’t understand what that means.

sc1stewart;If you don’t have a video_ts.ifo file in your VIDEO_TS folder then your rip didn’t work correctly.
I use other software to rip but many seem to do well with DvdFab.I assume they mean DVDFab HD Decrypter .I have this one just in case I need it.I don’t have time right now but later tonight I will try to rip a movie with it & see what the VIDEO_TS folder looks like.
What files are in your VIDEO_TS folder ?You don’t need to list all of them for now but the typesof files.

sc1stewart;I use AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 but I started with the freeware.
Here’s how I do it with the freeware:
Start with DVDFab HD Decrypter .Select your Burner with the original movie DVD in it as the Source.Target is the folder on the HD that you want to put the copy of the movie in.This will be from approxamately 6.8 GB to 8 GB(size of the original movie disc).
Select full disc if you want the full disc.Then start.Then finish.
Now open DVD Shrink.Select edit\preferences set to DVD-5 for single layer.
Select Open Files then the VIDEO_TS folder of the movie.
Uncheck any Audio language you won’t use.Under Main Movie\Compression Settings.
I use Automatic .
Select Backup.Target should be Hard Disk,Folder.
Target folder for DVD output files: Should be a New folder You create with the movie name .
DVD Region select region free.Check "Create VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS sub folders.
Quality settings : Uncheck all (unless you want it to take a long time).
On possibly bad data from a scratched disc you might want to check both.If you do it will take several hours.Depending on your PC’s CPU speed.
Then OK.
DVD Shrink will then procede with the encoding.When it finishes you should have a folder that is 4.36 GB.
In IMGBurn Select Mode\Build.Select the 4.36GB folder with the Folder button or from the File pulldown "Browse for folder"
Highlight it in the list & make sure it is in the Source pulldown.
Select the calculate.The options should be ISO9660 + UDF
Calculate will set this for you unless you know need some other setting there.
In Destination create a new folder Movie1.for file name .iso then Save.
Then select the Build button.A popup will come up for the volume label .I put in the Movie tittle.Then Yes.Another popup OK .
It will build “iso” files in the Movie1 folder.They won’t be name .iso.
Mine are .i00 , .i01 & .mds. When the build finishes.
Select Mode\Write.Browse for a file in Movie1 folder.Select the .mds file as Source.
Set the write speed to match the disc & burner speed.
If you’re practicing with a RW then it’s probably 4X & 1 copy
When ready select the Write button.
The burn to disc should start.When finished you should have a single layer 4.36GB disc with correct movie files on it.
BTW try a good quality pencil eraser to remove scratches.(Not one on a pencil)

Thanks for all your help, but I have solve the problem

Thanks again

If you have solved the problem, why don’t you post it to help others who may come along that have the same issues.

[QUOTE=sc1stewart;2023257]“Could not find video_ts.ifo File” QUOTE]
I would like to know what worked also.Did your first rip have a video_ts.ifo for example.