DVD Shrink 3.2

Hi guys. I just started burning dvd’s today so bare with. I’ve copied three dvds using dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. Two work fine, John Q. has good picture quality but has short glitches throughout the first 2 thirds of it. Also, where do I get dvd-r’s that can support all eight or nine gb’s of these movies. I figured the glitches might be from the compressed files. The overall picture itself turned out surprisingly well, just want to work out the kinks.

Thanks, Alice

Hello and welcome alice,
I think the problem with glitches would not be a problem with compression, but with a problem with media or burner. Which burner and media are you using?

I agree

What is the media’s rated speed?
How fast are you burning the media?

You will not find DvD-R’s that will hold 8 or 9 Gb unless you goto DL media, then it’s only 8.5Gb.

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Again, I’m new at this. I have the regular dvd burner that came with my pc. I’ve noticed that everyone else has a nero burner. I’m pretty sure I don’t. As far as I know I’m recording at 4x, but like I said, today was the first day I’ve ever tinkered with it. I’m still very new to this. Thanks for trying to help though.

Thanks, Alice

hi alice_

A few things for you to consider, download a free program called Imgburn. Its a excellent burning program coded by the author of DVDDecrypter. Its also one of the few programs capable of selecting a layer break for DL media.

I think most people here would recommend using only Verbatim DL media. Most of the other DL media is crap.

If you download Imgburn stick a empty DVD in your burner and load Imgburn. Imgburn will give you a read out of what drive you have as well as the firmware you are currenly using. Firmware tells your burner the best way to burn the media you are using. Updating your firmware is an important first step in burning.

good luck :slight_smile:

There are several good guides on updating firmware, The search button is your friend. :iagree:

Then allow me to suggest you need to spend some serious time into reading all the various possibilities of shrinking, remastering and making backup of dvd’s.