DVD Shrink 3.2 problem

I am having a problem with DVD Shrink 3.2.15 lately. Every time I burn a dvd with a dvd-r (using DVDShrink 3.2 and Nero 8 software) it only plays on my PC. Its not a problem with my dvd player, it plays previously copied dvds fine and it used to burn properly a short time ago. I’ve gone through the basic settings on DVD Shrink and can’t see anything out of the ordinary, but I am pretty much a layman when it comes to all of this so if anyone could help me out it would be muchly appreciated.

What problem? Ripping? burning? what media are you using? what speed…need details.
DVDShrink is no longer updated ( though a very good proggy to keep around IMO) …Try DVDFab HD Decrypter> DVDShrink (if SL disc is needed)> then burn(preferably with IMGBurn), but if you must by all means try with Ner0…

If your current copies play well on the pc, then it is probably not a problem with Shrink. More likely incompatible media with your player.

We recommend Verbatim brand blank dvds around here, either +R or -R will work for most, but unless you know for certain that your dvd burner bitsets +R to DVDRom, I’d go with the Verbatim -R to use in a picky player. It would help us to know the dvd burner you have, and the exact media you are using now.

Nero 8 should come with Nero CD/DVD Speed. If not, it is a free download. Load one of your blanks in your dvd drive, open Nero CD/DVD Speed and click on the Disc Info tab to tell us the MID code (manufacturer id code) of the disk. Nero CD/DVD Speed will also tell us the exact model of burner you have, and the firmware you are currently using.

Hi snakenuts,

Have you recently change the brand name of discs you are using ?
Have you gone from -R discs to +R discs.
All of these things can cause problems.

Some stand alone players can be very picky when it comes to playing back discs burned on a PC or other stand alone DVDR.

When your burn is done are the disc being finalized ?

If not, check your Nero settings…

You may want to consider downloading ImgBurn to burn another disc.
This way you can determine if Nero is the problem.

Hope this helps…

Hey Guys,
thanks for the replies. I haven’t had a chance to burn yet, I’m a bit busy, but I hope to get around to it tonight.
until then, here is some extra info:

I am using Imation DVD-R, 16x MID: CMC MAG .AM3
I did however for a short time switch to a crappy OfficeWorks brand MID: CMC MAG .AE1 where they were a bit hit and miss (some play in the player, others don’t)
My player is a Pioneer DVD 535
My burner is a Toshiba Notebook burner.
I am burning at 8 speed.
The thing is, I have burnt using Imation discs before and they play fine in my dvd player. I didn’t mention it, but this may be a problem; about a month and a half ago, I had to reinstall everything on my computer from scratch as it crashed. I think it was around this time that the discs stopeed working in my player. I just can’t be certain if I used the OfficeWorks and Imation discs [I]before[/I] my computer crashed or not.
I am pretty sure that my discs are finalising when I burn them (they are for my CDs) so I looked through the settings of Nero and I couldn’t even find the option to finalise the discs (am I looking for the right option here?)
Ill get on to it ASAP

hey guys,
ive tried everything but its not working for me.
Im using Nero StartSmart (Nero 8), what are the opitions that should be turned on? Im pretty sure Ive got them all set up right.
Should I be using ISO/UDF settings or just ISO settings?
Im not too famliar with the whole burn image/UDF thing

regards in advance,